Who we are

Hatek is a company that has been active for 15 years aiming to create synergies between technology, design and functionality for offices, houses and hotels.

Our history begins with radiant ceilings for plasterboard and metal panels, providing our customers with accurate planning, fast shipping and flawless mounting operations. Since the beginning we have been testing many different solutions to open the metal panels and to integrate ceiling mounted technological appliances such as air diffusers, lighting systems and sensors avoiding the need to cut the panels. After spending some years testing the different available technologies, we decided to develop our own integrated system named Square Modular, a ground-breaking, patent pending bandraster system. This innovative multifunction ceiling channel can easily sustain ceilings with or without radiant activation, house ventilation or illumination systems and accommodate different types of parting walls and acoustic partitions, providing complete and flexible solutions which ensure simple change of the end use of spaces and ease of maintenance. Thanks to its features, Square Modular, not only avoids the need of cutting the metal panels, but is also suitable for plasterboard ceilings, allowing for the flush coupling between the multifunction ceiling channel and the plasterboard panels.

All technological appliances which are to be installed are planned, shipped and mounted by Hatek, a single interlocutor to guarantee to abide by the established costs and schedule. Thanks to Square Modular, Hatek’s team proposes versatile and functional solutions at the top of the building technology for offices, meeting rooms and showrooms.


Hatek is not just a supplier of technological appliances, but it is constantly committed to provide its customers with a complete service. In cooperation with architects, HVAC and lighting planners, contractors and installers, Hatek takes good care of every step of the project, from the initial draft to the executive plan.

Hatek not only ensures constant technical assistance on the construction site during every step of the building but can also offer the mounting of its components thanks to its skilled team.

In the end Hatek is always researching the optimal custom solution for every project. Our philosophy and work are constantly focused on the satisfaction of our customer, with whom the best personalised answer for any different expectation and requirement is pursued.